Peanut's Fling

Peanut in the Whelping Box 'twas february 21st, a chill was in the air --
i barely had the strength to haul my keester up the stairs.
my due date was around the bend,
my hair was standing on its end
when suddenly i came to know
that this would be the BIG DAY...oh!

i got into my whelping box and settled down and waited
while thinking thoughts of Bailey and the time when we were mated.
until the pains came hard and fast i drew in breath and then
i swore i'd never let another yorkie touch me there again!

The Four Puppies

The Four Puppies i knew exactly what to do as things began to cook
thank god for Terri Shumsky!...i'm so glad i read her book.
i opened all the little sacs and licked their little faces
i ate up all the afterbirths and cleaned their private places.

now i'm the mom of four new pups i languidly adore
they cuddle 'round me day and night and who could ask for more?
although he's not the puppies' dad (which was my first desire)
my heart belongs to shooter -- he's the one who lights my fire!


Sleeping Beauty
The proud father, Bailey

Paw Line

Meet Paco, the newest Yorkie puppy on the block
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