Standard-Sized 8-inch Stanley London
Polished Solid Brass Sextant with
Slow-Motion Control and Vernier Scale
$295 which includes
the storage and display box.
8-inch Brass Sextant
8-inch (20 cm) Stanley London Brass Sextant
The 8-inch (20 cm) standard-sized antique reproduction sextant has six filters, a scale magnifier, and a slow-motion control with vernier readout.  The sextant measures 10 1/2 inches (26.7 cm) tall, 10 3/8 inches (26.4 cm) wide, 4 3/4 inches (12.1 cm) deep, and weighs 5 pounds (2.27 kg). 

Left Side View of Sextant
Left Side View of Sextant
Any of the sextant's six filters can be swung into position.
A powerful magnifier can be moved to assist in reading the vernier scale.
The sextant is beautifully made of solid brass with a German silver scale, and is fully functional.
The sextant's telescope produces a bright and clear image.

This photograph shows the telescope, and the adjustable index mirror, which rotates as the angle of the index arm changes.
View of Right Side of Sextant
View of Right Side of Sextant
The index mirror can be adjusted using two knurled brass screws.
The angle on the vernier scale is set to zero degrees and the index mirror is adjusted so that the images from both optical paths as viewed through the telescope align to produce one image.
This sextant is beautiful and fully functional, but not intended for navigation.

The back of the sextant has a large hardwood handle with a brass plate.  Each plate is engtaved "Stanley London 1920" and a serial number.
Detail of Handle
Detail of Handle

Detail of Stanley London Engraving
Detail of Stanley London Engraving on Index Arm
This photograph shows the vernier scale magnifier and the Stanley London stamping.
Each sextant is engraved with "Stanley London" on the fine tuning control.

The sextant comes complete with a beautiful sheesham display and storage box.  The box is velvet lined and inlayed with solid brass.

The 8-inch sextant and box make excellent awards and gifts.
8-inch Sextant in Display and Storage Box
8-inch Sextant in Display and Storage Box

Detail of Inlaid Brass Plaque
Detail of Inlaid Brass Plaque
Each box has a solid brass inlaid plaque engraved "Nautical Sextant Stanley London 1920."
Custom plaques can be mounted on the box with your individualized engraving.

Display and Storage Box
Display and Storage Box
The Stanley London 8-inch serialized reproduction antique sextant with slow-motion controls, including the beautiful brass inlayed box are only $295.

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