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6.5-inch C. Plath Brass Reproduction
6.5-inch C. Plath
Brass Reproduction
British Admiral's Sextant
Brass British
Admiral's Sextant
8-inch Brass Sextant
8-inch Drum
Brass Sextant
8-inch Brass Sextant
8-inch Vernier
Brass Sextant
11.5-inch Octant
11.5-inch Brass
and Wood Octant
British Captain's Sextant
Brass British
Captain's Sextant
6-inch Premium Sextant
6-inch Premium
6-inch Sextant
Brass Sextant
5-inch Rack and Pinion Sextant
5-inch Rack &
Pinion Sextant
Titanic 4-inch Brass Sextant
Titanic 4-inch
Brass Sextant
Titanic Limited Edition 6-inch Brass Sextant
Titanic 6-inch
Brass Sextant
4-inch Brass Sextant
Brass Sextant
4-inch Sextant with Antique Finish
4-inch Antique
Finish Sextant
Special Purchase 4-inch Brass Sextant
Special Purchase
4-inch Sextant
Serialized 4-inch Brass Sextant
4-inch Sextant
3.5-inch Sounding Sextant
Sounding Sextant
3-inch Sextant
Brass Sextant
3-inch Premium Quality Sextant with Leather Case
3-inch Premium
Quality Sextant
3-inch Box Sextant
3-inch Brass
Box Sextant
Brass Sextant Key Chain
Brass Sextant
Key Chain
Sterling Silver Sextant Pendant
Sterling Silver
Sextant Pendant
Small Sextant Plaque
Small Walnut
Plaque w/ Sextant
Small Sextant Plaque
3-inch Sextant
on Wood Plaque
Calibrated and Fully Functional Sextants
Tamaya Jupiter Sextant
Tamaya Jupiter
Sextant w/ case
Tamaya Spica Sextant
Tamaya Spica
Sextant w/ case
Stanley London Brass Sextants
These sextants are solid brass with German silver scales, and most are highly polished to a beautiful finish.  The sextants are quality made and are fully functional, but are not intended for navigation.  Most of these sextants are offered with beautiful handmade hardwood cases, inlaid with polished brass.  Custom stamping, engraving, and brass plaques are available.  We offer thirteen models of sextants in seven different sizes.  All sextants are reproductions of precision turn-of-the-century sextants and most are stamped "Stanley London," after W. F. Stanley of Stanley & Co. in London, who made precision instruments one hundred years ago. 

[6.5-inch C. Plath Reproduction]  [British Admiral's Sextant]  [8-in. Sextant /w Micrometer]
[8-in. Sextant w/ Slow-motion]  [11.5-in. Octant]  [British Captain's Sextant]
[6-in. Premium Sextant]  [6-in. Sextant]  [5-inch Rack & Pinion Sextant]  [Titanic 4-in. Sextant]
[4-in. Sextant]  [4-in. Sextant w/ Antique Finish] [Special Purchase 4-inch Sextant]
[Serialized 4-inch Sextant]  [3.5-in. Sounding Sextant]  [3-in. Premium Sextant]  [3-in. Sextant]
[3-in. Box Sextant]  [Sextant Key Chain]  [Small Sextant Plaque]  [3-in. Sextant on Plaque]

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