Eight-inch Brass Sextant Helmet Compass Boxed Compass Brass Telescopes Military Lensatic Compass

Inc. is pleased
to offer fine brass
reproductions of

sextants, compasses, clocks,
telescopes, and other surveying and nautical items.  These are hand crafted using solid brass and German silver, and are highly polished to a beautiful finish.  Most products are stamped "Stanley London," after W. F. Stanley of Stanley & Co. in London, who made precision instruments one hundred years ago.  Many items are available with beautiful handcrafted display and storage boxes.  All of these items add sophisticated warmth to an office, and make great gifts for loved ones, collectors and corporate executives.  Please spend some time looking around at these beautiful products.  Start by either selecting a category from the graphic above, or look at our on-line catalog with thumbnail pictures, short descriptions, and pricing.                                                                                      

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