Shooter Shooter's Logo Welcome ring travelers!   I used to be a member of lots of Web Rings but now I'm down to just a few.  My favorite is the Yorkshire Terrier Web Ring which I sort-of conned my friend Laura into starting.
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The Antique Sextant at -- Gifts for Guys
The Antique Sextant at -- Gifts for Guys

Little Brass PLaque Shack
Best custom engraving in the Tropics on fine gifts

Meet Paco, the newest Yorkie puppy on the block
¡Hola Paco! ¿Qué tal? Come meet Paco, the newest Yorkie puppy on the block.

Shooter's Yorkshire Terrier Dog House  
Shooter's Yorkshire Terrier Site Map Click Something.gif

Stanley London Nautical Stained Glass
Beautiful Nautical Decor

Dalvey Direct Fine Engravalbe Gifts
Dalvey Fine Gifts

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